Top Buyer Program
What is Top Buyer Program?
TOP Buyer is a targeted purchasing service platform built for senior management and professionals who participate in CleanRoomTec with a clear intention or purchases. Based on the communication of the demand, TOP Buyer offers exclusive and accurate business matching service and efficient exhibition without the constraint of time and location, which making the exhibition view more conveniently and efficiently!

Fast Track Admission

Match Making Service

Free Seminar Access

Improve Efficiency

Special Benefits for Top Buyer
Free Ticket
Fast Track Admission
Match Aaking Service
Free Seminar Access
Free Lunch
Free Electronic Catalog
Delicate Business Gifts
Online Resources

How to become a Top Buyer?

If you are from the following industries that apply the clean technology, have the authority to make purchasing decisions or meet the following requirements for job positions, and you have clear purchasing intentions during the exhibition, then, based on the organizing committee’s verification, you can rightly become a CleanRoomTec Top buyer:clean engineering, microelectronics manufacturing, semiconductor, consumer electronics, standardized laboratory construction, medical technology development, new energy, precision machinery, biopharmaceuticals and so on
Chairman | General Manager | Purchasing Director | R&D Director | Technical Director | Design Director | Chief Engineer or Other Management Position
Become a TOP Buyer
Become a TOP Buyer
Please leave the following contact information, we will contact you as soon as possible after the project started, thank you for your support!